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a week after moving into an apt

we have finally unpacked

still don’t have internet

scrubbed the kitchen down

gotten our daily ant killing routine under control

relished in the air conditioning in the bed room

hobbled around like old people because the mattress is like sleeping on a stone slab

realized that anything higher than 250 thread count in sheets does not exist in Mauritius

realized that mattress pads also do not exist

window screens are the stuff of myths

everyone wants to help us out… but doucement doucement… slowly slowly

you do get used to the mind melting heat

a breeze is a small gift from god

you can still get sunburnt wearing spf 50

driving on the other side of the road, is kind of like a video game

traffic circles are great, because if you miss you turn you can just make another loop

sarcasm does not translate

if you leave any food type product or something that has touched a food product in the open for more than 30 seconds it will become covered in ants

the floor is covered in ants always… for no reason

signage on the roads is excruciatingly bad

young mauritian men shake when strong american women yell at them

mosquitoes are not equally opportunity attackers

we have been invited to live at 4 families (and counting) homes…. just in case we don’t like our place

it is funny when americans eat too many hot peppers

you do not need to call ahead and ask to come to someones house… just show up

even if you to call… the phone probably doesn’t work

even when it is 85 degrees out, hot tea can still be enjoyed

two americans sitting in an open air mall on there computers draws a significant amount of attention